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Shinrin-Yoku Sound Bath: Forest & Sound Bathing in Central Park

  • Central Park 425 Central Park West New York, NY, 10025 United States (map)

Relax in Nature and learn to practice the Japanese Art of Forest Bathing "Shinrin-Yoku".

Meditate in an outdoor setting while being bathed in soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls .

This unique Forest and Sound Bath combined healing event will prepare you for the night's Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse, which can help you to connect with nature and release what no longer serves you.

For the 1st hour, you will join Cultured Forest for a guided Forest Bathing walk in the North Woods of Central Park to help ground you. During the 2nd hour, you will be lead to an open field where Mel Rio* from the Singing Bowl and Sound Bath Studio, LLC will create a sacred sound healing space for you to relax and indulge in an outdoor Sound Bath session intended to cleanse and recharge your energy.

Forest Bathing is based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku that involves connecting with nature by "Bathing in the Forest Atmosphere". Studies show time in nature lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity and reduces stress. In this activity, you will indulge with fellow nature lovers in relaxing mindfulness and self-care in a guided outdoor class. Plan to see some of the most natural settings of the park, while learning activities that allow you to better connect with yourself and the outdoors. Leave feeling centered, connected and more at peace. This will require a bit of hiking with some stairs and walking up and down steep inclines, over rocks and hills. So please wear comfortable shoes.

In an outdoor Sound Bath , as you feel and connect to the ground beneath you , powerful sounds and vibrations will be channeled into your body targeted towards the Chakras (Human Energy Centers) helping to cleanse, balance and restore them back to optimal health and natural states of being. Tibetan Singing Bowls and other smaller instruments and healing tools will be used to create powerful energy and vibrations to flow through your body, while activating the alpha and theta brain waves, promoting a deep meditative state favorable for healing. Singing Bowls and other healing instruments will be played around and placed on the body to shift energy and state of being. All you need to do during the Sound Bath is lay and be, the singing bowls and healing tools will do the rest.

Please bring a yoga mat/ blanket to lay on the ground in case needed or if you get cold easily. Limited yoga mats will be available/provided.

Cost is $50